Night Light Star Sky Projector

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Latest 40 Colors 3 in 1 Galaxy Projector: The latest star projector has 40 colors of galaxy projector star night light. You can choose one of the four colors or mix two colors arbitrarily and adjust the dynamic speed of the ocean wave. Suitable for children's rooms, bedrooms, creating a different star projector night light atmosphere, let you enjoy your leisure time and your family.

Perfect Gift for Kids and Family: Star projector night light is suitable for party, birthday, Christmas, anniversary gifts, etc. Best choice as a gift for family, lover, friends, especially for babies, children, boys and girls. light projector helps children inspire curiosity, imagination and creativity. Galaxy light can also be a perfect gift for a driver, you can put the mini galaxy projector in your car to bring some extra life to an already enjoyable ride. Nice and bright.

Dance with Music: We open the voice control function for you. A sound motion sensor allows the projection to change the color according to the music beat or clapping your hands, creating a disco or party effect. Press the sound control button, when the light projector receives the outer sound or DJ music, the ocean wave and star will sway with the musical rhythm. Press again will close the sound control. Perfectly suits to create an atmosphere for car, party, kids room, birthday, yoga and spa.

Remote Control & Easy to Use: Unique design is great for Car. When you are driving alone or with family and friends, you can turn on the starlight and play car music, adding an interesting and romantic atmosphere to your leisure living area. You can use the remote control to change galaxy lighting mode, adjust the dynamic speed of the clouds, and the brightness of the lights. Galaxy projector has a retractable data cable, so you no longer have to worry about the data cable being messed up.

Multi-angle Adjustment: Galaxy cove projector is very portable and can not only be pasted on the wall but also on the ceiling. You can choose your favorite angle and star projector night light in different directions. Galaxy 360 pro projector is very suitable for bedroom decoration and brings all-round visual enjoyment to everyone. Tips: Our night light projector already comes with a wall sticker, no need to buy another wall sticker.



1. Voice control function: When receiving external music (DJ) LED projection scene laser & LED will follow the music and rhythm.
2. Brightness adjustment, water pattern, stars, night light can be adjusted;
3. Timing adjustment: water patterns and stars can be switched at 15s / 30s / 60s timing;
4. Speed adjustment: The speed of the water lines and the blinking speed of the stars can be adjusted freely according to the scene.
5. Mode switching: Full color, monochrome, color mixing, voice control and other modes can be created to create a good atmosphere. 6. Laser dynamic new concept projection, with stars blinking respectively, the speed of stars can be adjusted.
7. Night light, night light touch switch defaults to warm white, with RGBW four colors, optional colors, gradients, and different colors adjusted according to the scene.
8. 18650 * 2 rechargeable batteries can be installed, which is more convenient.


Input voltage: DC 5V / 2A
RGBW LED night light power: 2 * 3W
Green laser: 532nm <1mw
Safety level: Class Ⅰ
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Projection light source: LED
Projection distance: 2-10m
shadow area:
Distance 5M: 40 square meters
Distance 8M: 60 square meters


Packing list:

1 * Starlight
1 * USB cable
1 * User Manual